Honey Butter Chips Candle

Honey Butter Chips Candle
Honey Butter Chips Candle
Honey Butter Chips Candle
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The Honey Butter Chip Candle

Alright, so we know this one is a bit crazy, but the moment we created this perfect fragrance combination, we were instantly reminded of the salty sweet Honey Butter chips from Calbee. The juxtaposition of the salty buttery flavor with sweet honey cream aroma is a scent that's undeniably reminiscent of this Korean originated snack. Now the experience of eating a potato chip smothered in whipped honey and salted butter is captured and contained into a single candle for you. We're incredibly excited about this candle and it's hard to put into words what we are smelling, so try it! You'll never find another candle like this :)

Candle Profile:
Main Profile: Salted Butter, Sea Salt, Honey Cream
Scent hints: Baked Potato, Roasted Sugar,
Base: Vanilla, Caramel

Sustainable and Produced Locally,
So You Can Get Lit Responsibly.
100% Organic Soy Wax   ●   Lead & Zinc Free Wick
Hand-Poured in Los Angeles
Mini Candle Size
Mini Boba Candle
4 oz Pudding Jar
Burn Time20-28 Hour Burn-Time
Reg. Boba Candle
8 oz Straight-Edged Jar
Burn Time40-56 Hour Burn-Time
Regular Candle Size
Large Candle Size
Lrg. Boba Candle
12 oz Modern Status Jar
Burn Time60-84 Hour Burn-Time



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