Brown Sugar Boba Freshener

Brown Sugar Boba Freshener
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This fragrance is a classic marble blend of caramelized brown sugar and subtle notes of sea salt made with the recognizable tiger stripes of smoky caramel. Enjoy the the nutty, toasty nuances that will envelope your car into a brown sugar candle haven.

Scent Profile:
Main Profile: Caramelized Sugar, Sea Salt
Scent hints: Brown Sugar, Vanilla, Honey Cream
Base: Smoky Caramel, Honey Maple

Car Freshener Features
⭐ Scent lasts around 1-2 weeks in the car
⭐ Custom mixed and created with the same fragrance recipes as our candles
⭐ Comes sealed in a plastic encasing
⭐ Produced and packaged in Los Angeles, CA



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