Taro Milk Tea Candle

Taro Milk Tea Boba Candle
Taro Milk Tea Candle
Taro Milk Tea Candle
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Taro Milk Tea Candle

The long awaited Taro Milk Tea candle is finally here! This sweet, creamy candle captures the essence of the distinct nutty flavors of Taro Milk Tea. With hints of condensed milk and roasted vanilla notes, this velvety candle is sure to leave you craving for the real taro milk tea.

Candle Profile:
Main Profile: Sweet Taro, Condensed Milk
Scent hints: Purple Yam, Ube Cream
Base: Roasted Vanilla

Sustainable and Produced Locally,
So You Can Get Lit Responsibly.
100% Organic Soy Wax   ●   Lead & Zinc Free Wick
Hand-Poured in Los Angeles
Mini Candle Size
Mini Boba Candle
4 oz Pudding Jar
Burn Time20-28 Hour Burn-Time
Reg. Boba Candle
8 oz Straight-Edged Jar
Burn Time40-56 Hour Burn-Time
Regular Candle Size
Large Candle Size
Lrg. Boba Candle
12 oz Modern Status Jar
Burn Time60-84 Hour Burn-Time



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