Lychee Jelly Candle

Lychee Coconut Jelly Candle
Lychee Jelly Candle
Lychee Jelly Candle
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Sweet Lychee Jelly Candle

Light this candle and take yourself back to the sweet, summer nights of middle school when life wasn't as crazy as it is in 2021. This refreshing candle captures the scent of the sweet aroma that comes immediately after peeling off the plastic lid from a lychee jelly cup. Enjoy this candle & reminisce over the simpler times.

Candle Profile:
Main Profile: Pink Lychee
Scent hints: Sweetened Sugar, Jasmine
Base: Ripened Grape, Lemon

Sustainable and Produced Locally,
So You Can Get Lit Responsibly.
100% Organic Soy Wax   ●   Lead & Zinc Free Wick
Hand-Poured in Los Angeles
Mini Candle Size
Mini Boba Candle
4 oz Pudding Jar
Burn Time20-28 Hour Burn-Time
Reg. Boba Candle
8 oz Straight-Edged Jar
Burn Time40-56 Hour Burn-Time
Regular Candle Size
Large Candle Size
Lrg. Boba Candle
12 oz Modern Status Jar
Burn Time60-84 Hour Burn-Time



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