Peach Tea Straw Candle

Peach Tea Straw Candle
Peach Tea Straw Candle
Peach Tea Straw Candle
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A seller-favorite, this candle smells like exactly like the child-hood classic peach ring gummies. The aroma of fresh peach is perfectly blended with a hint of tropics to create a rich, sweet, sultry scent. Light this candle & dive into a summer field of fresh cut peaches.

Candle Profile:
Main Profile: Georgia Peach
Scent hints: Sweet Nectar
Base: Sugar, Tea Leaves

Candle Features
⭐ 100% natural wooden "straw" wick (crackling wood wick that crackle and pops)
⭐ Reusable bamboo boba straw lid
⭐ 8 oz. medium boba drink
⭐ Made with 100% organic, natural soy wax
⭐ Custom mixed and created for that perfect peach tea scent in Los Angeles
⭐ Comes in a special, premium "AsianBobaGirl" packaging

Sustainable and Produced Locally,
So You Can Get Lit Responsibly.
100% Organic Soy Wax   ●   Lead & Zinc Free Wick
Hand-Poured in Los Angeles
Mini Candle Size
Mini Boba Candle
4 oz Pudding Jar
Burn Time20-28 Hour Burn-Time
Reg. Boba Candle
8 oz Straight-Edged Jar
Burn Time40-56 Hour Burn-Time
Regular Candle Size
Large Candle Size
Lrg. Boba Candle
12 oz Modern Status Jar
Burn Time60-84 Hour Burn-Time



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