Moon Cake Wax Melts

Moon Cake Wax Melts
Moon Cake Wax Melts
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Wax melts are BACK! These little mooncake wax melts are a little over 1 oz, and the fragrance can last for 3-4 burns for 2+ hours each burn. Flavors are available for most of our boba flavors. Pick two of the following scents by adding it in the note to seller or in the personalization section! Mooncake designs will be selected randomly and you will receive two mooncake melts for each of the two scents you select.

❤ Milk Tea Boba Scent [Tan]
❤ Taro Milk Tea Boba Scent [Purple]
❤ Dalgona Coffee Scent [Brown]
❤ Jasmine Milk Tea [Green]
❤ Honeydew Boba [Green]
❤ Creme Brulee Milk Tea [Tan]
❤ Peach Milk Tea [Coral]
❤ Ramune [Baby blue]
❤ Earl Grey [Purple]
❤ Banana Milk [Yellow]
❤ Lychee [White]



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