Brown Sugar Boba Slime

Brown Sugar Boba Slime
Brown Sugar Boba Slime
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This sweet, creamy slime captures the rich, toasty essence of brown sugar boba. Enjoy the the nutty, sweet nuances captured in this brown sugar heaven. This butter slime is carefully crafted for a fluffy, silky texture that's ideal for stretching and molding. Each brown sugar boba slime comes with black "boba" beads.

About this slime:
☁️ Texture: Butter Slime
☁️ Scent: Brown Sugar
☁️ Size: Approx 4 oz.
☁️ The consistency of the slime may change due to varying external conditions during shipping. Please keep slime in the airtight container when not in use to help maintain its texture. Each order comes with activator to prevent stickiness, and a slime care guide!



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